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Harewood Forest Weddings


If you’re reading this then congratulations, you’ve met the love of your life and want to be with them forever and as the birds and the bees will tell you, that is what it is all about…well they would be wrong. What is more important and you won’t know this yet but you have found upon the coolest and most magical venue in Hampshire. Don’t believe us? Then ask the birds and the bees in Harewood Forest.

First up, we really are in the middle of a forest, a forest with ancient oak trees, scampering deer, twittering owls, a hare or two and if you are really, really lucky…a unicorn (who often doesn’t turn up).

Then there is our reception area, this is no ordinary building, in fact some would say it is not really a building at all but a magic place where outside is inside and inside is outside. A work of art even, built from out of the very forest itself from silver birch, wisteria, telegraph poles, a tepee on stilts, sofas, fire pits, bamboo, palm trees, fire pits and a pergola of lanterns and candles.

Harewood Forest Weddings After DarkMagical Evening Reception


And then when it gets dark, the magic really starts….we light the forest up like a Christmas tree. Now you don’t get that in a hotel or converted barn.

We promise a fairy tale wedding without fairy tale prices.

Ok enough. So how much does it cost?

Well most venues tie you into their bar and catering. Not us. We don’t mind if you want to source your own caterers or if you want to stock the bar yourself from Majestic.

You are not tied to us in any way other than the hire of the venue and the cost of Christian who dresses the forest up and provides the sound for your entertainment.

How much does it cost?

If you want to spend £10k on your wedding or £60k it’s up to you. The beauty of this place is you can keep it cheap or do the full monty. If you want fairground attractions, huge BBQs, fire breathers, silent discos and a fully loaded marquee then we have the space.

In short it is your forest for the day so you can do what you want with it.

We even have a campsite area where people can camp if they want or hire from one of the many bell tent companies for the full glamping experience.

Ball park figures for 120 people for entry level wedding.

Hire of venue. £6,000

Lighting and sound
Christian, our festival man will then do his magic of lighting the forest,
provide the generator, the sound system for live bands and/or DJ’s and
a sound engineer who will be present all night. £2,000

We can offer some fantastic caterers that we have worked with in the past,
or you can use your own.

For a brilliant burger and brownies festival type meal @ £12 a head £1,440

Booze - stock the bar yourself @£15 a head £1,800

Live band and DJ (we do not recommend bands as I like Death Metal) £1,000


Or call me on 07775 943 247

Harewood Forest Weddings