So How Much Does It Cost?

You can stock the bar yourself and camp for free!

We don’t sell packages here, in fact we don’t allow the word to be used, so you can find your own caterers or use some local ones we recommend (they’ve all been here before and done a great job).

Mon, Tues, Wed or Thurs

£4,000.00 (inc. VAT)

Fri, Sat or Sun

£7,000.00 (inc VAT)

Rough Cost Guide For 100 Guests

Look, you can spend as much as you want here, with elaborate table decorations, top chef catering, florists, DJ’s, bands, magicians, disco lighting, champagne and fine wine…but the reality is, it’s set in a beautiful oak forest, and if that’s all you want, well that comes free with the venue!

Below is a rough guide, to get 100 people fed and drunk, with the basic set up of lights and sound, using the cheapest option, which is a festival type food van.

The Minimum Cost Of A Wedding Here:

Saturday Full Hire – £7k

Lighting, Sound system and generator – 2k (No band or DJ just a play list)

Simple food (food van) – £3,500 (£35 a head)

Pay bar – Cost £0

Staffing – £300 (three bar staff)

Bin hire – £150

Refridgeration trailer – £300

TOTAL For 100 People – £13,250.00

(This is not a definitive price but simply a quick understanding for you, as to whether you could have a wedding here on a limited budget).