So How Much Does It Cost?

Websites usually hide this info and ask you fill in a request form for data capture. It drives me round the bend…

A few things first. Most venues tie you into their bar and catering. Not us. We don’t mind if you want to find your own caterers and go on a booze cruise to stock the bar yourself.

You are not tied to us in any way other than the hire of the venue and the cost of Christian who dresses the forest up and provides the power and sound for your entertainment.

In short it is your forest for the day (or just the evening if you prefer) so you can do what you want with it.

Three Room Hire

(50 Guests)

This is for smaller functions for no more than 50 guests. This offers the use of three rooms to best suit the smaller number of the party as well as an outdoor eating area.

All day option only (morning – midnight) – £3,000.00 (inc VAT)

Six Room Hire

(50 - 140 Guests)

This is the ‘full monty’ hire for 50 guests and upwards. This offers the use of all six rooms and the full outside area.

Evening hire only (6pm onwards) -£4,000.00 (inc VAT)

All day (inc evening) – £5,000.00 (inc VAT)

Rough Cost Guide

For 100 People For An Entry Level Wedding

Six Room Hire Of The Venue

All-day and evening
Or Evening only (6pm onwards)

Lighting & Sound

Christian, our festival man will then do his magic of lighting the venue, provide the generator and the sound system for a DJ plus a sound engineer will be present all night


We can offer some fantastic caterers or you can use your own, alternatively for the cheapest option to find some mates to use our barbecues and you just supply the food
@ £5 ahead – £1,000


Stock the bar yourself
@£8 ahead – £800


Everyone knows a good DJ or we are happy to recommend some


For 100 People For An Entry Level Wedding = £9,000
(or £1k less for evening hire only)