Food & Booze

Create Your Own Wedding!

We don’t sell you packages, that’s for golf clubs and hotel venues.

Here you are free to create the day you want with the food and booze of your choice.

We have a list of recommended caterers that you can call directly or if you prefer, you can hire your own.

Alternatively, for a less expensive option, if you have some barbecue savvy friends, buy your own food and we will supply the barbecues.

Half a dozen butterflied legs of lamb and salad shouldn’t pose too much of a challenge for anyone who watches Saturday morning cooking shows. It also offers a great and super cheap option.

Your Very Own Bar!

It’s 15ft long with a cabana-style roof which you can stock yourself so you don’t have to pay hotel/bar prices.

If you need bar staff then we have people on hand to manage it throughout the evening.