Visit Us

Visit Us

OK, so you like what you see and you want to come and visit. Brilliant. Send me an email ben@treerunners.com and we will sort.

All we ask is that the day before, you text me on 07775 943 247 (pre midday) to confirm your name, day, and time of visit, so we both know we have the same time. It also means we have each other’s phone numbers, which can be useful on the day if you are running late, or if you’re at Starbucks, and have forgotten how I like my coffee (flat white, one brown sugar).

Please understand that I do not live in the forest! I am not Bear Grylls. So, any visit, means I block out a morning or afternoon for you in my diary, so if I don’t receive the confirmation text the day before, I will assume, you have decided not to visit. Yes, unbelievably some people don’t turn up without telling us. So, without the text the day before, I will make other plans…and lastly, before you head off, please be sure you have photographed our DIRECTIONS page, because if you don’t, and my phone’s dead, or I’m already in the forest, where reception isn’t great, then you are buggered – See DIRECTIONS.

N.B. We recommend these directions be copied and sent to your guests before your big day…unless you book somewhere else, otherwise they will end up at the wrong wedding.